Nature. Science. Results.

Scalp Retreat is a beauty brand that blends the wisdom of nature with the precision of science to create product solutions and resources for those who value quality and demand effective results.

Meet The Founder: Dr. Mary Moore

Dr. Mary Moore, a PhD scientist, founded Scalp Retreat in response to her young daughter's dry, itchy, flaking scalp caused by scalp eczema.

The products available at the time of her daughter’s first major flare up were too drying, harsh, and irritating to her sensitive scalp and delicate hair. Believing in the power of natural ingredients to transform the scalp and hair, Dr. Moore used her science background to develop a curated line of products that were safe for her entire family and for others dealing with similar hair and scalp concerns.

As a result, we are proud to present to you Scalp Retreat - a brand that uses the combined power of nature and science to deliver product solutions that address specific scalp and hair concerns while promoting overall wellness.

Our Commitment To You

At Scalp Retreat, our mission is to empower you to live boldly and confidently, embracing your unique self.

We believe that true empowerment starts with feeling confident in your own skin, or in this case, the hair and scalp that make you uniquely you!

We understand that every individual's experience and needs are unique. So we deliver carefully curated product solutions crafted by harnessing the power of nature and modern science.

Our commitment to you extends beyond simply addressing your hair and scalp needs. We seek to promote a nurturing experience that inspires a bold and confident you, inside and out. We're here to support you on your journey to hair and scalp harmony, with products that work and a brand you can trust.