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Geneva B.

Irritated Scalp And Dry Hair

BEFORE: Dry hair and scalp with visible redness.

AFTER: Soothed scalp with decreased redness and irritation. Hair looks hydrated and manageable.

Help Me Soothe The Irritation

Myron S.

Visible Flaking and Dry Itching

BEFORE: Visible loose flakes and intense dry itching.

AFTER: Calm and hydrated scalp with little to no visible loose flakes and itching.

Help Me Calm The Itching

Robin M.

Dry Curls With No Definition

BEFORE: Dry hair with no curl definition or shine.

AFTER: Curls with intense moisture, definition, and shine.

Get Me Intense Hydration

Allean S.

Thinning and Bare Scalp Spots

BEFORE: Thinning and bare scalp spots.

AFTER: Appearance of new growth after 3 weeks of using products.

Help My Bare Scalp Spots

Robyn M.

Thinned Edges From Braid Pulling

BEFORE: Thinned edges from tension of pulling braids.

AFTER: Edges appear to have dense new growth after 4 weeks.

Help Me Restore My Edges

Vonnette S.

Thinning Edges From Wig Traction

BEFORE: Thinning edges from wig traction (friction and pulling).

AFTER: Appearance of new hair growth and longer looking lengths for existing hair.

Help Restore My Edges